Noosa – Christmas Celebration and Graduation Extravaganza – 22 December

Lexis English Noosa’s Christmas Celebration and Graduation Extravaganza.

Greetings from the vibrant and sun-kissed shores of Noosa, Australia!

As the holiday spirit envelops Lexis English Noosa, students and staff are gearing up for a day filled with joy, music, and heartfelt farewells.

Today marks a special occasion – the much-anticipated Christmas celebration and graduation ceremony.

The day commenced with an enchanting Carol presentation, the culmination of a week-long effort by students who dedicated themselves to perfecting their singing and dancing skills.

The air was filled with the infectious enthusiasm of students who have been eagerly rehearsing for this momentous event. The Lexis English Noosa campus resonated with the harmonious melodies of classic carols as students showcased their talents with excitement.

Amidst the festive atmosphere, the school grounds transformed into a lively spectacle of cultural diversity, reflecting the global community that Lexis English Noosa proudly nurtures. Students from various corners of the world, unified by a shared love for language and culture, came together to create a memorable and heartwarming celebration.






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A highlight of the event was the delectable spread of foods and snacks that students brought to share, adding a delightful touch of international flavours to the festivities.

Following the spirited Carol presentation and the shared feast, the atmosphere shifted to a more reflective tone as the graduation ceremony unfolded. Thirteen exceptional students bid farewell to their Lexis English Noosa family, each leaving an indelible mark on the school community.




Li Ko



Asajan from Thailand, Kevin from Argentina, Julie and Claudia from France, Li-Ko and Pei-Yin from Taiwan, Lia and Lorena from Switzerland, Kenya from Japan, Sin Sian from Malaysia, Pietro from Italy, Irem from Turkey, and Fabricio from Brazil – a diverse and brilliant group of individuals who embarked on a language-learning journey in Noosa.

In bidding them farewell, the Lexis English Noosa community extends heartfelt wishes for success and happiness in their future endeavours.

The memories created in Noosa will undoubtedly accompany them on their respective paths, serving as a testament to the enriching experiences shared within the school’s welcoming embrace.


To our graduating students, we say, “Bon voyage, safe travels, and may your dreams take flight!” May your time at Lexis English Noosa be remembered as a cherished chapter in the grand story of your lives.

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