Sydney – Celebrating our wonderful graduates – 28 June 2024

Congratulations to our amazing graduates at Lexis Manly!

Graduate Lea celebrating with her advanced class and teacher Karen

The dedication shown by our students in learning a new language fills us with pride, and we are truly impressed by their hard work. To all our graduates, we are immensely proud of your accomplishments, and we are confident that bright futures await for each and every one of you! Well done and huge a congratulations to all of you!

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Miina with her teachers Mick and Nat

Miina graduation has caused many tears across our campus today. After 40 weeks, we barely remember the times before Miina was around. Her positive attitude towards learning, bubbly personality and aim to make the most of every day in Sydney has quickly made Miina an unforgettable student. Every week she helped the new students settle in, made new friends and explored as much of the Northern Beaches as possible. Today a lot of friends, 4 of her teachers as well as current and previous classmates gathered to say Goodbye. Your bright smile will be missed around campus, Miina!

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Riho with her teacher Ari

Riho is leaving Manly after 24 weeks of hard work – when she first arrived she was assigned to an Elementary Class to start with the basics of English, Riho quickly became a popular student around campus and made international friends that she would spend her time outside the classroom with. Her teachers and exposure to English after class helped her to quickly improve and now we are celebrating her graduation from Intermediate Class. Well done, Riho!

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Lea with her teacher Karen

Lea made her way from France to Sydney 6 weeks ago. Although her English was already great, she wanted to improve her English even further and enjoy an adventure in Australia! She quickly settled in and formed close friendships. After it was time to transfer to Noosa, the first Goodbye was hard and Lea quickly came to the realization that she would rather want to spend more time with her friends and explore Sydney to the fullest, so she decided to re-join us. A warm welcome awaited when Lea returned and we are sad to say Farewell yet again today. We wish you all the best for your bright future, Lea!

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • Advanced – Lea Roland
  • Upper intermediate – Miina Komura
  • Intermediate – Riho Inoue, Mustafa Kurt, Sora Sato


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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