Sydney – Congratulations to our amazing graduates – 25 August 2023

Today we are celebrating our 25 amazing graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.

Today’s graduates celebrating their hard work with their teachers and classmates

Today was a big graduation-Friday, as we had to say goodbye to 25 of our lovely students. Everyone gathered on the beach front to wish them farewell and enjoy a last day filled with fun and laughter. We are proud of everyone’s amazing progress and are happy to hear about all the great memories our students have made during there time with Lexis Manly. It is never easy to see students leave but it was great to celebrate with everyone on such a stunning winter day down on the beach.

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Giovana, Andrzej and Nene with their teacher Geovane

Our intermediate class and teacher Geovane will will miss Giovana, Andrzej and Nene. Even though they were only with us for 3-12 weeks, they made a big impact and filled the classroom with laughter. Andrzej is only 16 year old but far from being shy or intimidated by flying out to Australia on his own. He was known by everyone and always brought joy to our campus, he chatted with everyone and quickly become popular among our students, teachers and Lexis staff. We will miss his bubbly personality and big smile, what a relief to know that he is already planning to join Lexis Manly again next year. For now we wish you a safe travel back to Poland and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Nene was celebrated by her big friends group for her hard work today. The past 3 month’s have been great, we got to know Nene better in our creative activities which she enjoyed attending and watched her form these great friendships, while reaching her English language goals. It was a pleasure to have a kind student like Nene with us, we wish you all the best for your job hunt in Cairns!

Giovana joined her sister at Lexis Manly and enjoyed a short but sweet three weeks with us. We love to see students encouraging their family members to join us and are happy for students to already have a familiar face around in this exciting time. We enjoyed having her in class and around campus and were impressed how quickly she settled in. Enjoy you holiday’s with your sister in Bali and celebrate both of your hard work!

Photo 2023 08 25 13 38 05 E1693192999173
Mehmet, Kohsaku and Mariah with their teacher Ari

Mehmet, Mariah and Kohsaku are graduating from Upper Intermediate class today, leaving not only their classmates and teacher sad. After 24 weeks of having Mariah and Mehmet with us they have become a big part of the Lexis family. Not only were they outstanding students, who worked hard and enjoyed participating in class, they also grew close to us on various activities, excursions and most importantly leave behind a lot of friends who will miss them. We can barely remember the days without them on campus but appreciate the time we had with them and all the laughs we shared.

Kohsaku quickly became one of our most popular students, his care for others and helping hand to his classmates was appreciated by many. His host said he was the most amazing student to have around and we couldn’t agree more. We wish the boys a safe travel home to Turkey and Japan, while Mariah gets to enjoy a trip to Bali with her sister. Well done guys, we are very proud of you all!

Phan, Gabriela, Omer And Yekda With Their Teacher Mick
Omer, Yekda, Gabriela and Phan with their teacher Mick

Another intermediate class has to say goodbye to four students today. Our brave Phan has joined us from Vietnam at only 16 years old. We was incredibly hard working and impressed his teacher Mick regularly with his quick and thought through answers. He settled in so quickly and spread joy around our campus with his curious and happy attitude towards this big adventure. We hope you have a safe flight home!

Our lovely Gabriela made an impressive progress over the past 5 month’s. Her hard work and dedication to reach her goal certainly paid off. She has started off in an elementary class and had low English when she first joined us, she was eager to learn and improve, so it didn’t take long to move up to pre-intermediate. Today she is graduating from intermediate and gets to celebrate her amazing journey. With your new English skills you are definitely well prepared for your two years in Australia!

Omer and Yekda certainly challenged our teachers with their cheeky but hilarious ways, bringing so much fun and laughter to their classroom over the past 6 month’s. But it wasn’t all fun and games, as both students made a big effort to improve their English. They started their indivual journey with Lexis Manly on the same day in March. While they started off as strangers in elementary class, they are graduating from intermediate today and leave us being close friends with all these amazing memories, that they will share forever.

Photo 2023 08 25 13 37 24 E1693195418745
Yasemin and Konatsu with their teacher Agustina

Two amazing students are graduating from Pre-Intermediate, they certainly made the most of their short time at Lexis Manly. Yasemin‘s strong motivation to improve her English was amazing to witness, she attended most workshops and made use of all the extra support Lexis Manly offers, on top of her class time. Just like Konatsu they were incredible active in class, came up with smart questions and made sure to take it all in. We adored the motivation and positive mind set both girls had and are certain they will have a bright future ahead. We hope you made it home to Japan safe, Konatsu and wish Yasemin all the best for her travels through Australia, Thailand and Tasmania, keep exploring the world!

Hinano, Runa And Riku With Their Teacher Nat
Hinano, Runa and Riku with their teacher Nat

Our elementary class is saying farewell to their junior students. Runa and Riku are only 16 years old and Hinano only just turned 17, how impressive to be brave enough for this big step all on your own at such young age. They were only with us for a short time, but have enriched our Lexis family with their excitement, fun and curiosity. Runa and Hinano have quickly become close friends and were inseparable for their time in Manly. We are happy to see how you didn’t only improve your English, but also formed a strong friendship and made all these great memories in a short time. Riku flew out for only one week, during his school holiday’s in Japan. He certainly made the most of his holiday’s and will have a lot of exciting stories to share with his friends back home once we gets back.

Photo 2023 08 25 13 36 38 E1693196472656
Yuki and Piana with their teacher Steve

It’s not surprising that a few tears rolled as we had to say goodbye to our amazing girls Piana and Yuki. They both have had very impressive journey’s with Lexis and took on the challenge to prepare for the FCE Cambridge exam. Yuki was with us for a total of 36 weeks, amazing 9 month’s with a very special young woman. Her focus was impressive, she was there with a goal and made sure to reach it, while never starting a day without a smile on her face. She is such an overall happy and kind person that teacher Steve said it felt like a blessing having her as a student. Since the English level for Cambridge is high, Steve only had the two students in his class, making the goodbye today even more emotional. Piana shared a little tear when saying her goodbyes, showing how much of an impact the time at Lexis had on her. After 6 month’s with Lexis, making great friends, falling in love with another Lexis students and finally getting through the big Cambridge exam, there were a lot of emotions involved when leaving this special place. We are excited to find out your results and are convinced all the hard work will pay off! With big plans of traveling for Yuki and Piana taking her partner back to Germany with her, to sort out the next steps for the young couple, there are big things happening for both graduates! We wish them nothing but the best and will keep them in our hearts.

Photo 2023 08 25 13 35 52 E1693197519467
Well done to all our graduates!

Our congratulations go to:

FCE Cambridge preparation

  • Piana Peppina Ferriz, Yuki Higuchi

IETLS preparation course finishers

  • Weslen Gilvan de Freitas

General English graduates

  • Advanced – Maximilian Hansmann, Jan-Luca Philipp Sonnemann
  • Upper-Intermediate – Guillermo Jose Linares Couto, Mehmet Seckin, Mariah Nicolodi Schuck, Kohsaku Kawase, Abdurrahim Ulusoy, Lucas Vasconcelos Pinheiro Teles
  • Intermediate – Nene Iura, Andrezej Roman Golos, Giovana Nicolodi Schuck, Omer Batuhan Aydin, Yekda Dogu Ciftci, Phan Huy Anh, Gabriela Dos Reis Pereira, Miriam Mendoza Garcia, Ali Recai Hocaoglu
  • Pre-Intermediate – Yasemin Guzelaydin, Konatsu Imanaka
  • Elementary – Hinano Miyasaka, Runa Natsume, Riku Shoda


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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