Byron Bay – Blissful yoga class – 9 January 2023

Yesterday students relaxed and unwound with yoga after class instructed by our teacher and qualified yoga instructor Elizabeth.


Relaxing Yoga Class

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Yoga is a fantastic post-study activity as it improves brain function and eases feelings of anxiety and stress.


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Combining language learning with physical activities has been found to increase language test results and test response times.


Exercise improves your memory, sharpens your focus and produces endorphins, chemicals that induce the infamous post-workout euphoria.


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Byron Bay is a Yoga hotspot with many excellent yoga studios and retreats to choose from. Our Campus Manager Lisa’s favourite is Creature Yoga.


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If you’re interested in learning some beginner yoga techniques, we explained square breathing, the cat-cow pose and dolphin pose in our blog below.


Yoga class with special guest teacher Lisa – 24 October 2022Yoga Class With Special Guest Teacher LisaLisa has been practising yoga (mostly daily) since arriving in Australia in 2006. She took advantage of school being quiet during covid to do yoga teacher training at In Touch Yoga.


Read the blog




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