Byron Bay – Where is Nami now? – 15 December 20 😊

Do you remember Nami?  She was one of our happiest happy students at Lexis Byron.  Always sunny, involved in class and participated in our activities. Take a look at her 😊happy student blog!

This week we interview ex-happy student, Nami!

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Where are you now?

I’m living in Brisbane.

How long did you study at Lexis?

3 months in Byron, 3 months in Brisbane.

When did you leave, and where did you go?

I left Byron in July last year, then I moved to Brisbane.

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What was a highlight of studying at Lexis English?

Everyone I met at Lexis was absolutely kind and nice. I miss coffee club on Tuesday so much. Every activity was so fun in Byron actually.

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Your favourite thing about studying English was…?

I can comunícate with people from other countries. Learning English will never end for me so I’ll keep studying it even though I’m not student anymore.

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What do you miss about Byron Bay?

I miss beautiful beaches and friendly people.


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Tell us about what life’s like now:

I was working at strawberry farm during lockdown. Picking strawberries was the most hardest work in my life but lifestyle at farm was good for me like wake up early and sleep early. And I moved back to Brisbane in August. I started training for doing eyelashes extensions that I’d never done before. Then I’m working as an eyelist at beauty salon now. I’ll stay in Australia longer than I expected 🙂

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