Byron Bay – Welcome to the Weekend! March 6th – 8th







Byron Artisan Market – Railway Park Byron Bay – Saturday

Byron Farmers Market (Butler Street Reserve, Byron Bay) – every Thursday (8am – 11am)

Bangalow Farmers Market (Bangalow Hotel Carpark, 1 Byron St, Bangalow) – every Saturday (8am – 11am)

Channon Markets – Sunday 

Gig Guide


 EPIC @ Railway Hotel

 6:00pm Tim Stokes @ Targa

 7:00pm Sarah Grant @ The Sun

 7:00pm Two Moons @ Byron Bay Brewery

 7:30pm Animal Ventura @ Treehouse

 7:30pm Ajeet Kaur Live presented by Byron Spirit Festival @ Byron Theatre

 8:00pm Sneaky Sound System @ Beach Hotel

 8:30pm Belligerent Goat, Captain Squidlicker, Cassowarys, Couch Wizard @ Hotel Great Northern

 9:00pm Benny O’Dwyer + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar



 Backbeat @ Railway Hotel

 1:00pm Frankenstein – National Theatre Live Encore Screening starring Benedict Cumberbatch @ Byron Theatre

 4:00pm SASH Byron feat Pepperpot, Marley Sherman & Kerry Wallace @ Byron Bay Brewery

 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel

 8:00pm San Mei + The Ruins @ Hotel Great Northern

 8:00pm Trip of Compassion: A window into psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy presented by Mind Medicine Australia @ Byron Theatre

 9:00pm James Scott + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar

 9:00pm Charlie Hustle @ Beach Hotel


 International Women’s Day @ Railway Hotel

 Molly on Vinyl + Sarah Grant @ Hotel Great Northern

 12:00pm Sunday Sessions – DJs Slack and Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse

 2:15pm All About Women – Live Stream: Sober Curious presented by Byron Writers Festival @ Byron Theatre

 3:00pm Asends for Equality feat. Hayley Mary, Seaside, Bed Club, Velvet Flowers, The Flowers & Perve Endings @ Byron Bay Brewery

 4:30pm EPIC @ Beach Hotel

 5:00pm Ooz @ The Sun

 9:00pm DJs @ Beach Hotel

Happy Travels


Nimbin, Channon Markets & Waterfall $55


1917 (MA15+)

FRI 6TH MAR 4:00pm
SAT 7TH MAR 4:00pm
SUN 8TH MAR 4:00pm

Birds of Prey (MA15+)

FRI 6TH MAR 8:45pm
SAT 7TH MAR 8:45pm
SUN 8TH MAR 8:45pm

Dolittle (PG)

FRI 6TH MAR 11:00am1:45pm
SAT 7TH MAR 10:15am
SUN 8TH MAR 10:15am

Downhill (M)

FRI 6TH MAR 11:00am1:30pm4:00pm6:15pm8:30pm
SAT 7TH MAR 11:00am1:30pm4:00pm6:15pm8:30pm
SUN 8TH MAR 11:00am1:30pm4:00pm6:15pm8:30pm

Emma (PG)

FRI 6TH MAR 3:40pm6:15pm
SAT 7TH MAR 3:40pm6:15pm
SUN 8TH MAR 3:40pm6:15pm

Honeyland (M)

FRI 6TH MAR 2:15pm6:30pm
SAT 7TH MAR 2:15pm6:30pm
SUN 8TH MAR 2:15pm6:30pm

Jojo Rabbit (M)

FRI 6TH MAR 1:20pm8:45pm
SAT 7TH MAR 1:20pm8:45pm
SUN 8TH MAR 1:20pm8:45pm

Little Women (G)

FRI 6TH MAR 10:40am
SAT 7TH MAR 10:40am
SUN 8TH MAR 10:40am

Motherless Brooklyn (M)

FRI 6TH MAR 1:00pm8:15pm
SAT 7TH MAR 1:00pm8:15pm
SUN 8TH MAR 1:00pm8:15pm

Parasite (MA15+)

FRI 6TH MAR 11:15am3:15pm6:00pm8:15pm
SAT 7TH MAR 11:15am3:15pm6:00pm8:15pm
SUN 8TH MAR 11:15am3:15pm6:00pm8:15pm

Richard Jewell (M)

FRI 6TH MAR 11:00am
SAT 7TH MAR 10:40am
SUN 8TH MAR 10:40am

Sonic the Hedgehog (PG)

FRI 6TH MAR 10:45am1:00pm6:00pm
SAT 7TH MAR 10:45am1:00pm6:00pm
SUN 8TH MAR 10:45am1:00pm6:00pm

The Call of the Wild (PG)

FRI 6TH MAR 11:00am1:20pm
SAT 7TH MAR 11:00am1:20pm
SUN 8TH MAR 11:00am1:20pm

The Gentlemen (MA15+)

FRI 6TH MAR 3:30pm8:40pm
SAT 7TH MAR 3:30pm8:40pm
SUN 8TH MAR 3:30pm8:40pm

The Lighthouse (MA15+)

FRI 6TH MAR 8:30pm
SAT 7TH MAR 8:30pm
SUN 8TH MAR 8:30pm

The Way Back (M)

FRI 6TH MAR 1:20pm3:50pm6:15pm8:30pm
SAT 7TH MAR 1:20pm3:50pm6:15pm8:30pm
SUN 8TH MAR 1:20pm3:50pm6:15pm8:30pm

Undertow (MA15+)

FRI 6TH MAR 3:40pm6:30pm
SAT 7TH MAR 3:40pm6:30pm
SUN 8TH MAR 3:40pm6:30pm

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