Byron Bay – Welcome to the Weekend! March 13th – 15th



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Byron Artisan Market – Railway Park Byron Bay – Saturday

Byron Farmers Market (Butler Street Reserve, Byron Bay) – every Thursday (8am – 11am)

Bangalow Farmers Market (Bangalow Hotel Carpark, 1 Byron St, Bangalow) – every Saturday (8am – 11am)

Gig Guide


 Ragga Jump @ Railway Hotel

 Hollie Col, Hanna Campbell & Citrus Daze @ Hotel Great Northern

 5:00pm Du’ East @ Beach Hotel

 6:00pm Guy Kachel @ Targa

 7:00pm Ben Walsh and Swanny @ Byron Bay Brewery

 7:00pm Matt Armatige @ The Sun

 7:00pm Ocean Film Festival World Tour 2020 presented by Adventure Reels @ Byron Theatre

 7:30pm Dusty Boots @ Treehouse

 9:00pm Ooz + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar

 9:00pm The Superlove @ Beach Hotel



 Soul’d @ Railway Hotel

 Teenage Dads, The Moving Stills + Dan Cristani @ Hotel Great Northern

 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel

 6:00pm The Caine Cutters Blues Band @ Byron Bay Services Club

 7:00pm Harry Nichols Blues Experience @ Byron Bay Brewery

 7:00pm Ocean Film Festival World Tour 2020 presented by Adventure Reels @ Byron Theatre

 7:30pm Sue-Anne Stewart @ Treehouse

 9:00pm Rhythm & Cutloose @ Beach Hotel

 9:00pm Pink Zinc Duo + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar


 Jamie Ashforth @ Railway Hotel

 Ben Walsh and Swanny @ Hotel Great Northern

 12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Slack & Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse

 4:30pm The Feramones @ Beach Hotel

 5:00pm Leigh James @ The Sun

 7:00pm Complete | Death Rattle Tour @ Byron Bay Brewery

 7:00pm Complete + Guests @ Byron Bay Brewery

 9:00pm DJs @ Beach Hotel

Happy Travels

Koala Sanctuary &
Brisbane City Shopping



1917 (MA15+)

FRI 13TH MAR 3:45pm
SAT 14TH MAR 3:45pm
SUN 15TH MAR 3:45pm


FRI 13TH MAR 6:30pm

Birds of Prey (MA15+)

FRI 13TH MAR 11:20am
SAT 14TH MAR 11:20am
SUN 15TH MAR 11:20am

Dolittle (PG)

FRI 13TH MAR 11:15am
SAT 14TH MAR 11:15am
SUN 15TH MAR 11:15am

Downhill (M)

FRI 13TH MAR 11:15am4:00pm6:00pm8:40pm
SAT 14TH MAR 11:15am4:00pm6:00pm8:40pm
SUN 15TH MAR 11:15am4:00pm6:00pm

Emma (PG)

FRI 13TH MAR 11:20am6:10pm
SAT 14TH MAR 11:20am6:10pm
SUN 15TH MAR 11:20am6:10pm

For Sama (MA15+)

SAT 14TH MAR 4:00pm
SUN 15TH MAR 4:00pm

Honeyland (M)

FRI 13TH MAR 11:00am2:00pm6:30pm
SAT 14TH MAR 11:00am2:00pm6:30pm
SUN 15TH MAR 11:00am2:00pm6:30pm

Jojo Rabbit (M)

FRI 13TH MAR 4:00pm8:30pm
SAT 14TH MAR 4:00pm8:30pm
SUN 15TH MAR 4:00pm

Little Women (G)

FRI 13TH MAR 3:40pm
SAT 14TH MAR 3:40pm
SUN 15TH MAR 3:40pm

Military Wives (M)

FRI 13TH MAR 11:00am4:00pm6:20pm
SAT 14TH MAR 11:00am4:00pm6:20pm
SUN 15TH MAR 11:00am4:00pm6:20pm

Motherless Brooklyn (M)

FRI 13TH MAR 1:10pm8:40pm
SAT 14TH MAR 1:10pm8:40pm
SUN 15TH MAR 1:10pm

Parasite (MA15+)

FRI 13TH MAR 1:20pm3:20pm6:00pm8:00pm
SAT 14TH MAR 1:20pm3:20pm6:00pm8:00pm
SUN 15TH MAR 1:20pm3:20pm6:00pm

Sonic the Hedgehog (PG)

FRI 13TH MAR 11:10am1:20pm6:00pm
SAT 14TH MAR 11:10am1:20pm6:00pm
SUN 15TH MAR 11:10am1:20pm6:00pm

The Call of the Wild (PG)

FRI 13TH MAR 11:00am1:15pm
SAT 14TH MAR 11:00am1:15pm
SUN 15TH MAR 11:00am1:15pm

The Gentlemen (MA15+)

FRI 13TH MAR 3:30pm8:15pm
SAT 14TH MAR 3:30pm8:15pm
SUN 15TH MAR 3:30pm

The Invisible Man (MA15+)

FRI 13TH MAR 1:00pm3:30pm6:15pm8:40pm
SAT 14TH MAR 1:00pm3:30pm6:15pm8:40pm
SUN 15TH MAR 1:00pm3:30pm6:15pm

The Lighthouse (MA15+)

FRI 13TH MAR 8:40pm
SAT 14TH MAR 8:40pm

The Way Back (M)

FRI 13TH MAR 1:40pm4:00pm8:40pm
SAT 14TH MAR 1:40pm6:20pm8:40pm
SUN 15TH MAR 1:40pm6:20pm

Undertow (MA15+)

FRI 13TH MAR 1:20pm8:30pm
SAT 14TH MAR 1:20pm8:30pm
SUN 15TH MAR 1:20pm

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