After We Collided (M)

THU 1ST OCT2:00pm4:20pm
FRI 2ND OCT2:00pm
SAT 3RD OCT11:30am
MON 5TH OCT2:00pm
TUE 6TH OCT2:00pm
WED 7TH OCT2:00pm


An American Pickle (PG)

THU 1ST OCT11:10am6:00pm
SAT 3RD OCT12:30pm
SUN 4TH OCT11:00am
TUE 6TH OCT12:30pm
WED 7TH OCT12:30pm


Antebellum (MA15+)

THU 1ST OCT1:45pm4:00pm6:15pm
FRI 2ND OCT1:45pm4:00pm6:15pm
SAT 3RD OCT1:45pm4:00pm6:15pm
SUN 4TH OCT11:00am1:20pm6:30pm
MON 5TH OCT11:30am2:30pm7:20pm
TUE 6TH OCT1:45pm4:00pm6:15pm
WED 7TH OCT1:45pm4:00pm6:15pm


Astro Kid (G)

THU 1ST OCT12:40pm
FRI 2ND OCT11:20am
SAT 3RD OCT11:20am
SUN 4TH OCT10:40am
MON 5TH OCT10:40am
TUE 6TH OCT11:20am
WED 7TH OCT11:20am


Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! (G)

FRI 2ND OCT10:40am
SAT 3RD OCT10:40am
SUN 4TH OCT10:40am
MON 5TH OCT10:40am
TUE 6TH OCT10:40am
WED 7TH OCT10:40am


Dirt Music (M)



IFF20 Bad Tales (MA15+)

SAT 3RD OCT10:45am
SUN 4TH OCT7:45pm


IFF20 Feel Your Memories (18+)

MON 5TH OCT4:45pm
WED 7TH OCT11:30am


IFF20 I Hate Summer (15+)

SUN 4TH OCT11:00am
MON 5TH OCT2:00pm
TUE 6TH OCT4:15pm
WED 7TH OCT11:00am


IFF20 LetsCleanApp (18+)

SAT 3RD OCT2:15pm
TUE 6TH OCT11:00am


IFF20 Martin Eden (M)

SAT 3RD OCT7:30pm
SUN 4TH OCT4:00pm
TUE 6TH OCT1:45pm


IFF20 My Brother Chases Dinosaurs (15+)

SUN 4TH OCT1:15pm
TUE 6TH OCT7:00pm
WED 7TH OCT4:45pm


IFF20 Ordinary Justice (15+)

MON 5TH OCT7:30pm
WED 7TH OCT8:10pm


IFF20 Say It Loud (18+)

SAT 3RD OCT4:20pm
TUE 6TH OCT5:00pm


IFF20 The Big Step (18+)

SAT 3RD OCT11:30am
WED 7TH OCT5:45pm


IFF20 The Most Beautiful Day in the World (ALL )

SAT 3RD OCT5:00pm
MON 5TH OCT1:15pm
TUE 6TH OCT7:30pm
WED 7TH OCT2:00pm


La Belle Époque (M)

THU 1ST OCT11:20am4:00pm6:40pm
FRI 2ND OCT11:20am
SAT 3RD OCT11:20am
SUN 4TH OCT11:20am
MON 5TH OCT11:20am
TUE 6TH OCT11:20am
WED 7TH OCT11:20am


Made in Italy (M)

THU 1ST OCT1:30pm4:00pm
FRI 2ND OCT1:30pm


Paw Patrol: Jet to the Rescue (G)

THU 1ST OCT11:10am12:30pm
FRI 2ND OCT12:30pm
SAT 3RD OCT12:30pm
SUN 4TH OCT12:30pm
MON 5TH OCT12:30pm
TUE 6TH OCT12:30pm


Tenet (M)

FRI 2ND OCT1:10pm4:10pm6:30pm
SAT 3RD OCT4:30pm6:30pm
SUN 4TH OCT3:30pm6:30pm
MON 5TH OCT1:45pm7:20pm
TUE 6TH OCT4:30pm6:30pm
WED 7TH OCT4:30pm6:30pm


The Broken Hearts Gallery (M)

THU 1ST OCT11:00am2:00pm
FRI 2ND OCT11:00am
SAT 3RD OCT11:00am
MON 5TH OCT11:00am
TUE 6TH OCT11:00am
WED 7TH OCT8:15pm


The High Note (M)

THU 1ST OCT2:20pm4:40pm7:10pm
FRI 2ND OCT2:20pm
SAT 3RD OCT1:40pm7:30pm
SUN 4TH OCT1:50pm7:10pm
MON 5TH OCT1:40pm7:30pm
TUE 6TH OCT1:40pm4:00pm7:30pm
WED 7TH OCT4:00pm


The Translators (M)

THU 1ST OCT11:30am1:00pm4:15pm6:45pm
FRI 2ND OCT11:30am4:15pm6:45pm
SAT 3RD OCT4:15pm6:45pm
SUN 4TH OCT4:15pm6:45pm
MON 5TH OCT4:15pm7:15pm
TUE 6TH OCT11:30am4:15pm6:45pm
WED 7TH OCT4:15pm6:45pm


Trolls World Tour (G)

FRI 2ND OCT10:10am
SAT 3RD OCT10:20am2:30pm
SUN 4TH OCT10:00am12:00pm
MON 5TH OCT10:20am12:20pm
TUE 6TH OCT10:20am2:30pm
WED 7TH OCT10:20am2:30pm

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