Byron Bay – A warm welcome to our new students – 4 October 2022



Today we are thrilled to welcome our new students from Japan, France, Thailand, Spain and Switzerland. 




A Warm Welcome To Our New Students
Our new students!




Honoka joins us from Japan. Honoka enjoys doing Yoga, shopping and watching movies. She is excited to immerse herself in Byron Bay culture and enjoy the lifestyle and local attractions. Her goal at Lexis is to become a more capable and confident English speaker.



Riina also joins us from Japan. Riina has fallen in love with Byron Bay. She is staying with a delightful host family and their cute cat. Riina loves to play the piano and flute as a hobby and likes to explore Byron Bay by foot. Her goal at Lexis is to work hard and improve her English-speaking skills.



Mao also joins us from Japan. In Japan, Mao worked as a Nurse and surfed as a hobby. She is looking forward to surfing with her friend in Byron Bay. Her goal at Lexis is to improve her English-speaking skills and to communicate in English.



Mai also joins us from Japan. Mai studies yoga and English and hopes to travel the world teaching yoga in the future. She is also learning to surf while in Byron Bay and enjoys chilling at the beach.



Yuno also joins us from Japan. This is Yuno’s second time travelling to Byron Bay. On her first visit, she fell in love with the local nature, beaches and culture and wanted to spend longer here. Her goal at Lexis is to improve her English-speaking ability and make friends from around the world.



Ranna also comes from Japan. In Japan, Ranna lives with her mother, father, two sisters and two dogs. At Lexis, she wants to improve her English, make new friends and go on trips with her friends. Ranna is also wanting to work while studying in Byron Bay.



Noemi comes from France and has a degree in Optometry. Noemi chose to study in Byron Bay to be close to the beach and to learn to surf. She is also interested in seeing Australian wildlife. She plans to study at Lexis and then move to either Brisbane or Bondi.



Anny comes from Thailand. She enjoys travelling and listening to music. Her goal at Lexis is to improve her speaking, listening and conversational skills. She is getting married and will live in Australia with her future husband.



David comes from Spain. David has been living in England for the past 6 years and working as a Manager. At Lexis, he would like to improve his English writing and vocabulary. Afterwards, he wants to study sports or a course that will enable him to work in hospitals.



Taracea also joins us from Spain. She loves travelling, exercise, reading books and meeting new people from around the world. Since a young age it has been her dream to move to Australia. Her goal at Lexis is to improve her English and socialize with students from different cultures.



Eva also joins us from Spain. Eva is from Barcelona, has a double master’s in Special Education and Speech Therapy and has been teaching for three years. At Lexis, she hopes to become a more confident speaker.



Selina joins us from the German-speaking part of Switzerland. In Switzerland, Selina works as a doctor’s assistant in a small village. Selina wants to learn English because it spoken around the world. At Lexis, she will focus on improving her English speaking and writing.



Rahel also joins us from the German-speaking part of Switzerland. For the past four years, Rahel studied Computer Science and worked as a Web Developer in an agency. Rahel hopes to improve her English-speaking skills and travel Australia. Afterwards, she will join her boyfriend in New Zealand, travel some more and then return home.



Stefani also joins us from the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Stefani chose Australia because of the sea, the wildlife and because she wanted a different experience than America or Europe. After graduating from Lexis, Stefani will spend one month travelling around Australia.






Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE, and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


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