Byron Bay – Tasting Vegemite on toast – 16 September 2022




Last week our Intermediate class studied all things food-related and to finish the week off tasted the Australian classic Vegemite on toast.




Tasting Vegemite On Toast
Vegemite is an iconic Australian food




Most Aussies love Vegemite, but for newcomers it can be polarizing. Some love it, and others don’t, the reactions from our students were priceless.




Tasting Vegemite On Toast
The Vegemite slogan, “tastes like Australia”





Vegemite is an acquired taste, it is salty with a subtle bitterness and an umami flavour reminiscent of an intense soy sauce.




Tasting Vegemite On Toast




Vegemite on toast is simply toasted white bread with butter and Vegemite.




Tasting Vegemite On Toast
Vegemite is certified halal, kosher, and suitable for vegans




The recommended ratio of vegemite and butter depends on who you ask. If you are a newcomer, try Vegemite in smaller doses first as the strong taste goes a long way.





Tasting Vegemite On Toast
A great way to finish off the week of learning




Preparing and sharing a Vegemite on toast together was a great way to finish off the week and the food-related section of the textbook.







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