Byron Bay- Fun Photo Scavenger Hunt!- 17 November 2023

Last Friday at Lexis Byron, our students participated in a photo scavenger hunt!

Students enthusiastically engaged in a photo scavenger hunt last Friday afternoon in Byron Bay. The event brought together participants in a thrilling search for photo opportunities, fostering a lively and competitive atmosphere. Students showcased their creativity, humor and teamwork, capturing memorable moments throughout the scavenger hunt.

The 10 photos they had to take were:

A photo with the lighthouse in the background.

Scavenger Hunt!

T 2

H 1

V Scaled

A photo with their feet in the ocean.

P 2

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G 1

A photo with the Let’s go surfing team.

D 1

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M 1 Scaled

R 3

A photo of a native animal.

Y 3


C Scaled

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A selfie with a local.

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L 1

A photo of you doing a yoga pose.

E 3 Scaled

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F 1

Img 9268 Scaled

A photo with someone you love.

Img 9267 Scaled

A 2

W 4 Scaled

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A photo of some Aussie food.


Q 3

N Scaled

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A photo of your favorite place to party.

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Img 9271 Scaled

S 1

I 1

 A photo of someone surfing.

X Scaled

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U 2

The stakes were high in the scavenger hunt with the winning prize being 3 x $50 bar tabs at renowned party destination ‘The Backyard’ in Byron Bay.

Some students utilized their photoshopping skills whilst others went all out, even getting behind the DJ Decks at their favorite party place!

Students braved the rain as they ran around town trying to take the best photos, and the outcomes were excellent. We are announcing the winners on Tuesdayphot


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