Byron Bay – Pub games for prizes – 3 February 2023

We finished off last week with pub games for prizes. Students competed in table tennis, darts and Uno for the chance to win a 6-pack of chilled Stone & Wood beer (first prize) or a packet of Tim Tams (3x runner-up prizes).


Pub Games For Prizes


The darts game was called Revolver. A revolver has 6 shots, and in our game each student had 6 shots at the dart board. If a dart missed, bounced off or fell from the board, it received zero points. The student with the highest overall score was Alexis.


Img 7864 Scaled Img 7875 Scaled Img 7874 Scaled Img 7881 Scaled Img 7872 Scaled


The table tennis matches were first to five, but you needed to win by two points. Winners played winners, and ultimately Michel came out victorious.


Img 7869 Scaled Img 7873 Scaled Img 7871 Scaled


For Uno the rules were settled before beginning as they differ from country to country – Paula won!


Img 7863 Scaled



Finally, the three pub game winners faced off in a game of darts for the first prize. Michel won with his final shot that landed in the triple point ring and bumped up his score above Paula. Alexis was particularly disappointed not to win the beer.


Img 7880 Scaled


After the competition everyone continued to play their favourite pub games, shared Tim Tams and conversed about their fun Friday and weekend plans.



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