Byron Bay – Delicious Pizza Making with Paul – 31 August 2022

Last Wednesday our teacher and former professional chef Paul showed students how to make delicious gourmet meat-lover’s and vegan pizzas. A vegan pizza contains no food derived from animals (so no meats or cheese).


Pizza Making With Paul
Students helped prepare the various fresh toppings


Paul had pre-prepared dough as it’s important to give dough time to rise. Students helped prepare the various fresh toppings including red onion, mushroom and sausage. The ready-made ingredients included tomato sauce, olive oil, basil pesto, olives, mozzarella cheese, salami and sweet potato pieces which was a surprising pizza ingredient to many students.


Pizza Making With Paul
Paul tossing and shaping the pizza dough


Pizza Making With Paul
Half-made meat-lover’s pizza


Paul assembled the pizzas as the students watched intently, snapped photos and chatted excitedly about their pizza preferences. The finished pizzas looked, smelt and tasted delicious!


Pizza Making With Paul
The finished meat-lover’s and vegan pizzas


Pizza Making With Paul
A close-up of the delicious vegan pizza


Students enjoyed their slice of pizza together and talked. Preparing and sharing a delicious meal together is a great activity for practising language listening and speaking.




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