Byron Bay- Relaxing and Fun Origami- 2 November 2023

Yesterday, our Byron Bay students spent the afternoon engaged in the meticulous art of crafting origami koalas, hearts, and kangaroos!


Img 2941

Img 2938

Origami is the art of folding paper into intricate shapes and objects.

Img 2929

Img 2951

One of our students, Manami, showed us how to make paper cranes.

Img 2924Then we moved on to creating love hearts and koala faces.


Img 2944

Img 2935

Img 2925

Some students, however, wanted a bit more of a challenge.

Img 2932

Img 2933

Emma, JiYoon and Manami spent almost two hours creating an origami kangaroo. They were extremely patient, and the final result was incredible!

Img 2954

Img 2955

Img 2956

Img 2958

Origami was an excellent way to unwind, decompress and concentrate solely on the task at hand for an hour!

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