Byron Bay- Welcome New Students!- 5 February 2024

We are thrilled to welcome 15 new students from Belgium, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Switzerland.

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Melani joins us from Spain. She loves to dance, , go to the beach, go on walks and listen to music. She would like to study English in Australia because the weather, beaches and people are so nice. It is her opportunity to spend time alone, work on herself and experience a new culture. Welcome Melani!

Isabel also joins us from Spain. She has come to Australia to visit her daughter, and whilst she is here, she would like to improve her English. Back home she is a pharmacist and learning English would also benefit her work. She is excited to explore Australia and interact with many new people. Welcome Isabel!

Mialucia joins us from Italy. She loves to read books and spend time with her family. She is currently studying law and would like to improve her grammar and spelling. She wants to meet new people and make the most of her time in Australia. Welcome Mialucia!

Sebastian joins us from Colombia. He recently finished his studies of cinema and is interested in documentaries about communities, nature, and native cultures. That is one of the reasons he came to Byron Bay- the natural beauty. Also, to study and improve his English along the way. Welcome Sebatian!

Paco joins us from France. Paco’s passion is surfing. He is on the International Surfing Association Junior championship team for France! Pac has come to study English in Australia to benefit his surfing career and to meet new people. He would also like to see a koala. Welcome Paco!

Mattias joins us from Germany. He loves to play all kinds of sports, in particular football and volleyball. He has been road tripping all the way up the east coats and has stopped in Byron Bay to improve his English and to meet new people. Welcome Mattias!

Eva also joins us from Germany. She is a flight attendant in Germany and has taken a break to travel Australia and improve her English. She is excited to meet new people and create some amazing memories during her time in Byron Bay. Welcome Eva!

Akiko joins us from Japan. She loves to watch movies, travel, and eat good food! She has come to Australia to improve her English to benefit her business back in Japan. She works with a lot of tourists and would like to be able to better communicate with them. Welcome Akiko!

 Saori joins us from Japan. She decided to study in Byron Bay because she loves yoga and the ocean. He hobbies include practicing yoga and traveling. She is excited to be in a new county and speak with new people. Welcome Saori!

Natsumi also joins us from Japan. She loves to cook and be active. She loves the ocean and living a slow life- that is why she chose Byron Bay. She worked very hard in Japan for the last six years and is taking the time to slow down, learn English and have a break. Welcome Natsumi!

Johan also joins us from Switzerland. He loves to play soccer, tennis and be in nature. He also likes to discover new countries and cultures. After his studies he wants to travel to Sydney and drive along the Great Ocean Road. Welcome Johan!

Patrick also joins us from Switzerland. He loves to read books, play boardgames and spend time in nature hiking and swimming. He has been fascinated with Australia since he was a child which is why he chose to study here. His sister recommended Byron Bay and now here he is. Welcome Patrick!

Mirco joins us from Switzerland. Mirco works as a mechanic, and in his free time he likes to play football and squash. He has come to study English in Australia because of the beautiful weather and the friendly people. He was recommended Australia by many friends back home. Welcome Mirco!

Pablo also joins us from Switzerland. He loves all things sport and music. He has taken a gap year to study in Australia before he begins university. Pablo is excited to meet new people, discover new places and make some unforgettable memories. Welcome Pablo!

Pauline joins us from Belgium. She loves to read and play tennis. Pauline recently began her Law degree, meaning that English is necessary in her area of work. As well as this she would like to be able to communicate with people from all over the world. Welcome Pauline!


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