Byron Bay-New Starters! January 13th

This week we say hello and welcome to 14 new students!

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Michaela is from Germany. She lives close to Hanover in a beautiful flat and has a dog called Stanley. She loves to go to yoga sessions and go on long walks with her dog. Michaela has been working as a flight attendant for more than 25 years and she still enjoys her job! She came to Byron bay in 1992 and loved it which is why she decided to come back and study English.

Marc is from Switzerland. Last summer he finished his apprenticeship as an electrician. Before he starts working he wanted to travel and improve his English which is necessary for his job. 

Benjamin is from Spain. He has a degree in physical education and now works as a PE teacher in a high school. He loves most sport  activities. Benji has always wanted to visit Australia and is very happy to be spending 6 weeks here. He is hopeful for a wonderful and unique experience while in Byron Bay.

Klaus is from Switzerland. He has been working as a mechanical engineer but before coming to Australia he quit his job because he wanted to learn something new like building a house or helping the elderly. Klaus is a passionate skate and snowboarder and would like to take up surfing. His main aim while in Australia is to better his English skills. 

Maria is from Uruguay. She studies fashion design at the Centre of Design in Uruguay but needs to study English for her brand. Her brand is all about handmade clothes made with local wool. To be able to sell her brand internationally she will need to better her English. Once she returns to Uruguay she will return to University.

Matilde is from Portugal. She loves most sports but especially surfing, soccer, and tennis. She is an agriculture engineer but left work in Portugal to come to Australia to improve her English, work and have a different experience. 

Loic is from Switzerland. He is in Byron Bay for 10 weeks where he will study English and after his studies he will travel around for two months. Loic works as a geometer in Switzerland and his hobbies include skateboarding, skiing, and climbing. 

Lucrezia is from Italy. She grew up in Sardinia with her mother, father, and brother. In summer she lives and works in the Italian part of Switzerland and in winter she lives in Sardinia with her family. She a water polo player, a lifeguard, and loves to swim. She wanted to study English in Australia because Australia is her dream destination.

Yumi is from Japan. She has worked as a domestic flight attendant for 6 years. With her job, she has been to many places in Japan and enjoyed many experiences and eating local foods. She chose Byron Bay as a place to study because she wants to try surfing and see all the beaches. After Yumi finishes her English studies she would like to apply to be recruited as an international flight attendant.

Melissa is from Colombia. She is an events manager working and living on the Spanish island of Ibiza. She also has a degree in tourism and one in economics. She has come to Australia to improve her English, surf, and live new experiences. She is very happy to be here as it has been a life long dream.

Beat is from Switzerland. His hobbies include swimming, biking, and snowboarding but he loves all things to do with nature. He would like to learn English so that when he travels he will be able to have conversations with people from different countries. One day he is hoping to travel the world.

Juan is from Spain. He loves the surf, diving, swimming in the ocean, and hiking in the mountains. He is a lifeguard, a professional diver, and a captain on a speed rescue boat. Juan’s dream is to be a lifeguard for the helicopter sea rescue. his future plans when he finishes his English studies is to return to Barcelona and then travel the world.

Janik is from Switzerland. Since he was 6 he has had a love of ice hockey but he also loves skiing and sailing. He has come to Australia because it’s a wonderful country and also to improve his English for future jobs. He works as a landscape gardener back home but is now wanting to have a new adventure.

Pere is from Spain. His interests include most sports, especially surfing, and politics. He studied physical education and in winter he works at a surf school and summer he works with children in a sports school. When he’s at home in Mallorca he takes tourist on paddle boarding tours. He wanted to study English in Australia because it’s like a surfers paradise. His plans for the future is to have a good level of English and to continue his paddle board business.

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE, and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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