Byron Bay – Meet the Plants (yes, the plants) 🌿 – 1 September 20

Today we’d like to introduce to you…Veronica the plant #1.


Img 20200827 145414


Here, you can see Camila, ex-student and current Lexis Byron Bay super-cleaner, giving Veronica a hug.  This week, Camila found out she was supposed to be watering the plants we have in the office.  She was shocked.  She hadn’t realised it was her job and was sad about the state of Veronica the plant.  Her leaves were sad and some of them were yellow…but not anymore!  Camila has taken her new job VERY seriously.  She has named all the plants and is doing her best to make sure they have enough attention each day.  She even dusted the leaves.

This month will be a series on each of the 5 plants.  Stay posted for updates.


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