Byron Bay – Meet the New Starters – 7 March 2022

This week we welcomed three new starters; Seren from Japan, Kim from South Korea and Romanella who is a returning student from Argentina.

Lexis Byron Bay New Starters March 7, 2022


Seren is planning to study English at Lexis for 4 weeks and then find a job. He tested at Elementary level overall has join our Low Combo class. He is staying in the onsite residence and says he is very happy there and already likes Byron Bay.

Kim is here for 24 weeks and would like to be fluent by then. He is a lawyer back home but says he struggles to give his point of view in English due to lack of vocabulary. In contrast, he feels confident about his grammar. He originally came to Australia on a tourist visa but liked it so much he decided to stay and study English.

Romanella, studied with us for four weeks in January 2021 and is now back on a student visa. She has been living in Australia for while now and is travelling with her partner Joaquin. After studying English at Lexis for 12 weeks she will go onto do a Certificate III in Business.  Both Kim and Romanella tested at Upper Intermediate and have joined our High Combo class.

Paz 1We also say a formal welcome to Paz who started last week but missed Monday because of the floods. Paz has excellent communication skills but scored less well for grammar. She is a psychologist by profession and her goal is for her English speaking to be good enough to offer online counselling sessions. She also joins our High Combo class.


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