Byron Bay – Happy Student Rafa – 23 October 20 🐂

Today our Happy Student at Lexis Byron Bay is Rafa!

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Look at that happy face!! 

Tell us a little about yourself:

Why did you choose Byron Bay?

Because I saw similarities between Byron Bay and my home town, Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands.  For example, the weather, being close to the beach, and that it’s a multicultural place.

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What were your weaknesses in English before you came to Australia? Tell me more about your teachers and your classes.

Pronunciation (which is STILL one of my problems) and grammar.

My first teacher was Prue, who was an excellent, patient teacher.  She guided me in my first steps and showed me the way to improve my English.  All the teachers (Paul, Mel, Kristy, Elizabeth, Adrienne and Michelle) make the classes dynamic and have different styles to teach.  They make it fun and easy to follow and have different strategies.  All of them are sympathetic and patient.

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What are your favourite things to do in Byron?

Learning about the culture and seeing the different things; how the people are.  I like that you can bike and just go outside and take a walk.  I like hanging out with my friends and going to the beach.  (I also like to be in class too 😇).

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Eating a good old Australian pie…just like a local.

What is your most magical moment in Byron?

I think when one time the moon was really big (like the biggest in this century).  I was on the beach and walking, and the moon was huge.  It was a special moment in Byron…

Yet, this day I lost my wallet!  But I went to the police station and someone had handed it in, with all the money inside!  I felt lucky!  Like nothing that is going to happen to me will be a calamity.

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An actual calamity.  The number plates of his car after an accident in Mullumbimby.  Lucky to be alive!


What do you like most about Lexis Byron?

The possibility to meet people who are from different cultures.  Everyone here is nice and you can have a fun chat.  I like knowing about other cultures and sharing this knowledge.

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What is your advice for people who are thinking about enrolling at Lexis Byron Bay?

Just do it!

You’ll never regret it.  It’s a special experience in life, which could make you grow.

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