Byron Bay – Graduation: Emilio! – 18 February 21 👨‍🍳

This week we say farewell to Emilio in Upper Intermediate.  He has been here for a whole year!

The very first time Adrienne met Emilio was making a CV to get a job.  He was in Elementary then, and they just couldn’t get a conversation out!  After much trying, learning and working hard, Emilio advanced to Pre-Intermediate, then Intermediate, and finally graduating from Upper Intermediate.  We’re so proud of his learning here and it’s always been a pleasure to have conversation with him.

A little about Emilio…

👨‍🍳 His favourite video on YouTube is ‘I didn’t know SHIT’…and so his favourite catch-word is…shit!!  💩  Check out the video…it’s pretty funny and accurate:

YouTube video

👨‍🍳 He’s extremely easy going and he takes time to help others.

👨‍🍳 He has an impressive amount of patience, and is very personable and quite loving.

👨‍🍳 His chosen vocation is being a chef, and formed a bro-mance with Max, as they are both seriously passionate about food and cooking.  Both had a great sense of humour and would also get on with the class and have fun at the same time.

Graduation Emilio

We all really like Emilio and will miss him a lot!


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