Byron Bay- Fun with Clay!-18 January 2024

Last Thursday our students got creative with air-dry clay, crafting an array of imaginative pieces, from trinket holders to surfing chickens!

Clay Making!

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This session served as a unique opportunity for our students to forge connections with their peers, engaging in casual conversations that allowed them to enhance their conversational English skills in a relaxed environment.

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The fusion of learning a language with the tactile experience of clay sculpting proved to be an effective means of reinforcing English language skills. While molding and shaping their clay masterpieces, students chatted and conversed with one another.

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We also listened to Australian musicians and bands whilst creating!

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Kudos to our students for embracing this enriching opportunity for growth and learning. As we reflect on this successful Thursday, we look forward to more occasions that seamlessly weave together education, creativity, and connection.

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