Byron Bay- Beautiful Friendship Bracelets- 17 April 2024

Yesterday at Lexis Byron Bay we made friendship bracelets!

Students engaged in the creation of their own friendship bracelets this afternoon. This activity provides an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and develop English skills. By crafting these personal tokens of friendship, students will not only strengthen their bonds with their peers but also cultivate a sense of pride in their handmade creations.

Friendship Bracelets Img 7534 Scaled Img 7535 Scaled Img 7536 Scaled Img 7537 Scaled

The students had the option to follow a tutorial or go off on their own and make their own designs.

Img 7538 Scaled Img 7539 Scaled Img 7540 Scaled Img 7542 Scaled Img 7544 Scaled Img 7545 Scaled

Most students decided to make their own designs, tailoring them perfectly to suit themselves or their friends.

Img 7546 Scaled Img 7548 Scaled Img 7549 Scaled Img 7550 Scaled Img 7551 Scaled Img 7552 Scaled

Many students loved incorporating cowry shells or statement beads into their bracelets.

Img 7556 Scaled Img 7557 Scaled Img 7558 Scaled

Some also made anklets instead of bracelets!

Img 7560 Scaled Img 7562 Scaled Img 7563 Scaled Img 7564 Scaled Img 7565 Scaled Img 7566 Scaled

Each design was unique, no two exactly the same!

Img 7567 Scaled Img 7571 Scaled Img 7572 Scaled Img 7574 Scaled Img 7575 Scaled Img 7579 Scaled Img 7578 Scaled Img 7580 Scaled Img 7581 Scaled

It is always an excellent activity for students to converse, practice their English and strengthen their friendships!


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