Byron Bay – Meet the FCE class – 21 March 2023

Recently our Cambridge First (FCE) students interviewed each other on why they chose to study in Australia, their expectations, first impressions, and their plans while in Australia.  


Meet The Fce Class


Natsuki (interviewed by Tara) said she came to Australia because it’s an amazing country, and so far away from the rest of the world. Its biodiversity is stunning and very different from other countries. Also, the environment here is more tropical and exotic with different wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos, sharks and – last but not less important – snakes!!! Natsuki’s advice to other students is to travel beyond Byron; personally, she is looking forward to going to Sydney. Natsuki is doing the FCE course as a pre-requisite for doing a TAFE course in Aged Care.


Tara Scaled


Tara (interviewed by Natsuki) chose to study English in Australia because it’s so different from her native Spain, with its high buildings and big cities. Byron Bay has clear air, beautiful animals and lots of trees. Tara’s advice is to see as much of the country as possible and she has a plan to go from Sydney to Cairns by bus, with friends. She is studying English for personal satisfaction, and also to meet new people.


Zsolt Scaled 

Zsolt (interviewed by Dejan) said that, before he came to Australia, he’d heard that it was always summer here and that it had many dangerous animals. He hadn’t known about Vegemite and its popularity has surprised him – he doesn’t like it! Zsolt’s advice to other students is to bring lots of money to Australia!!! … and also to enjoy your time here. Zsolt is looking forward to visiting Melbourne and Perth after the FCE course.


Dejan Scaled


Since arriving in Australia, Dejan (interviewed by Zsolt) has been really impressed because people here are really open and friendly. He’s also been surprised by how different Australia’s animals are from those in Europe – and they’re everywhere! His advice to other students is to be aware of potentially dangerous animals, and also to take great care at the beach because of the potential hazards (rips etc). Dejan is looking forward to exploring Australia’s east coast: the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.




Before Rahel (interviewed by Mar) came to Australia, she knew some things about the Aboriginal culture, the beautiful animals – such as koalas and kangaroos – and also the dangerous animals, like sharks and spiders. Since arriving, she’s been surprised by the cleanliness of the streets. To a friend planning to come from her native Switzerland, Rahel’s advice would be to book a shorter flight!


Margarita Romero Scaled


Mar (interviewed by Rahel) came to Australia to study English because she loves the nature, animals and friendly people here. Since being here, she’s been surprised by how early everything closes! Mar’s goal at Lexis is to reach the highest level of English that she can. She’s looking forward to going to Fraser Island soon.


Taka Scaled


Before coming to Australia, Taka (interviewed by Nini) knew a lot of things about Australia such as good surf and beautiful beaches. Since he’s been here, he’s been surprised by the large number of dolphins (yay!) and the noise of the birds (boo!). Taka’s advice to people planning to come to Australia is to pack lots of sweaters because in winter it’s colder than you think.


Nini Scaled


This is the second time that Nini (interviewed by Andrea) has been to Australia, so she knows quite a lot about it. She really loves all the different animals here and believes Australian sunrises and sunsets are the best in the world! Her advice to prospective students is to bring enough money, especially if you want to travel widely. Nini is planning to go to Melbourne, Perth and Tasmania.


Andrea 1


Andrea (interviewed by Taka) knew that Australia was a big, hot country with beautiful beaches. Since he’s been here, he’s learned how important it is to wear sunscreen! While here, Andrea hopes to get the opportunity to go diving and visit lots of places such as Uluru and Philip Island. Andrea’s goal is to achieve ‘native speaker’ level of English.


20230321 090637 Scaled


Chloe (interviewed by Jonas) comes from South Korea. Before she arrived in Australia, she only knew that there were many kangaroos and big farms here. After finishing the FCE, Chloe wants to travel to Perth to see the cute little quokkas.




Jonas (interviewed by Chloe) didn’t know too much about Australia before he came here, apart from kangaroos, surfing and diving. Since arriving, he’s really enjoyed riding the waves and experiencing the natural environment, which is so different from his native Switzerland. His advice to people planning to come to Australia is not to pack too many clothes – all you really need are flip-flops and a swimsuit (and maybe shorts and T-shirt for class!) After the FCE, he’s looking forward to exploring Sydney, especially the Opera House, the Blue Mountains and Cairns, where he plans to dive.



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