Byron Bay – Excursion to the Library! – 17/06/2022

Elizabeth’s Intermediate English class went on an excursion to the Byron Bay Library!Excursion To The Library

To improve their reading and writing skills, the students had a sheet with tasks to fulfill:

  1. Find ten things you can do at the Library. Which of these are you likely to do in the future.
  2. Find resources (eg. books, magazines, CDs, DVDs) on five different topics; these might be topics you’re interested in, or topics you know nothing about but are curious to explore. Take a photo of each to help you discuss it later.
  3. Find the Foreign Language section. Is there a book in your language? Would you like to read it?
  4. Find the Travel Guidebook section. Which of these guidebooks appeal to you?
  5. Some of the rooms on the eastern side of the library can be booked for seminars, tutorials, meetings or private study. Is this facility useful to you? How would you use it? Which room(s) do you prefer?
  6. Find the Community Notices (on the left as you enter the library proper). Does it provide any information that interests you?
  7. The Loan Goat Gallery opens at 10.00 am. View the photographs in the exhibition and identify three that grab your attention. Identify at least one that does nothing for you

Finding Books

Finding Different Books

Display Of Ancient Technology Connected To Modern Time

Display Of Ancient Technology Connected To Modern TimeStudents Exploring Books Out Of The Street LibraryThey also found the Street Library where everyone can take a book in exchange for leaving one.

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