Byron Bay- Creative candle making!- 14 May 2024

On Tuesday afternoon, our students got together and created some personalised candles!

We started by choosing the jar which we would pour the wax into, there were plenty to choose from!

Candle Making!Then it was time to decorate the jar.

We used acrylic paint pens on the outside of the jars.  The students had full creative freedom to draw whatever designs they liked. After students were happy with their candle designs it was time to place their wicks and melt the wax!

Img 8079 Scaled Img 8080 Scaled Img 8081 Scaled Img 8082 Scaled Img 8083 Scaled Img 8084 Scaled

We melted our wax in the microwave to make the process quick, easy, and mess-free.

Img 8085 Scaled Img 8086 Scaled Img 8087 Scaled Img 8088 Scaled Img 8090 Scaled

After the wax was poured to their desired amount, the students chose whether they wanted a scent. Some opted for no smell and others created their own mix. We used essential oils to perfume our candles.

Img 8091 Scaled Img 8093 Scaled Img 8095 Scaled Img 8096 Scaled Img 8097 Scaled

All that was left to do was keep the wick in place and leave them overnight to solidify! Now the students have their very own personalized candles, completely unique to them!

Img 8098 Scaled Img 8099 Scaled Img 8100 Scaled Img 8102 Scaled Img 8101 Scaled

Img 8105 Scaled

We can’t wait for our next candle making activity!

for information on how to make your own candles at home, click here

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