Byron Bay – Coffee and Conversation Club – 31 May 2022

Mai Tries Her Luck At Jenga - Coffee And Conversation Club

Yesterday afternoon, our activity was Coffee and Conversation Club in the student lounge. After everyone had chosen their drinks and sampled the Tim Tams, the students started with a special game of Jenga. What makes it special, I hear you ask? Because all the blocks have a question written on them.

After the game, the students, who ranged in level from Elementary to Advanced went round the table and introduced themselves, and then they practised their question forms by creating interesting questions to ask each other. Not only did everyone find out a lot more about their classmates, they also got to practise their English skills as well.

Kai Tries His Luck At Jenga - Coffee And Conversation Club

Lots Of Laughter At Coffee And Conversation Club At Lexis Byron Bay

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