Byron Bay – Class Activity – 6 August 2021

Today, in class, we reviewed some of the unit vocabulary with a game of Pictionary.

The topic was water and the sea. Can you identify what words the students were drawing? (Answers at the bottom of the page.)

6 Scaled E1628222094695
Picture 1. CLUE: what is the arrow pointing at?


5 1 Scaled E1628222157971
Picture 2. CLUE: this is not a landscape


4 1 Scaled E1628222191720
Picture 3. CLUE: this word is a homophone of a word that means ‘certain’


3 1
Picture 4. CLUE: you can find this in the supermarket as well as the sea


2 1
Picture 5. CLUE: this is also a type of music


1 1 Scaled E1628222246292
Picture 6. CLUE: a friendly sea creature



ANSWERS: 1. cargo, 2. salt, 3. shore, 4. seaweed, 5. rock, 6. dolphin


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