Byron Bay – Celebrity Heads – 15 March 2022

The Pre-Intermediate class studied ‘have to’ last week. For example, ‘You have to do your homework every day if you want to improve faster’. Or ‘You don’t have to live in an English speaking country to learn English but it helps’.

Yesterday they reviewed their knowledge of this grammar form by playing ‘Celebrity Heads’. They each had the name of a job stuck to their foreheads and they had to ask questions of their classmates to try and guess what the job was.

Celebrity Heads Scaled
You’ve got something on your head!


Can you guess what these jobs below are? What other clues could you give?

Job 1

You have to stand up all day.

You have to talk to people in the mirror.

You don’t have to work at night.

You have to have steady hands.


Job 2

You have to wear a uniform.

You sometimes have to work at night.

You might have to carry a gun.

You have to be good at communicating with people.


Job 3

You have to wear a uniform.

You have to have a driving license.

You have to handle money and tickets.

You don’t have to be very fit.





Job 1: Hairdresser  Job 2: Policeman   Job 3: Bus Driver

You can test your knowledge of ‘have to’ and ‘don’t have to’ by clicking on this link


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