Byron Bay – Celebrating our graduates – 9 September 2022




Last Friday we congratulated and celebrated with our five graduates Juan, Ryoga, Sergio, Vittorio and Gracielle.




Celebrating Our Graduates
Two of our high achieving graduates Juan and Vittorio with classmates




Juan graduated a very high achiever from our Intermediate class. His jokes and good humour will be missed by his teachers and many close friends here. During his time with us, Juan demonstrated his ability to make conversation and have excellent speaking and listening skills. We wish Juan all the best for the future.




Vittorio spent 8 weeks with us and in that time demonstrated a very good knowledge of the English language. Vittorio had many impressive achievements and graduated a very high achiever from our Upper Intermediate class. We wish Sergio all the best for the future and with his admirable career goals with sustainable agriculture.




Celebrating Our Graduates
Congratulations Ryoga!





Ryoga was a respectful student who always participated well in class activities. We hope Ryoga enjoys the rest of his time in Byron Bay before going back to Japan. We also wish Ryoga all the best for the future.





Celebrating Our Graduates
Our graduate Sergio with his teacher Paul and classmates





Sergio made a considerable improvement in his knowledge of grammar during his time with us. In addition, he demonstrated a very good vocabulary (including with Australian slang!). Teachers and classmates will miss having lively conversations with Sergio. We wish Sergio all the best on his next adventure.





Our graduate Gracielle with her teacher Maya and classmates





Gracielle was a fantastic student and classmate. She exhibited a great ability to communicate in English and graduated a very high achiever from our pre-Intermediate class. We wish Gracielle all the best for the future.






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