Byron Bay- Beautiful Boomerang Painting- 21 November 2023

On Tuesday afternoon our students had the opportunity to learn about Indigenous Australian culture and paint Boomerangs!

We at Lexis English Byron Bay would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we live and study on today. The Arackwal People of the Bundjalung Nation. We pay our respect to Elders past and present and understand their continued connection to land, water, and skies. 


Our students at Byron Bay actively engaged in learning about Indigenous culture, specifically focusing on the art of painting boomerangs. By exploring the intricate techniques and symbolism behind boomerang painting, students gained valuable insights into the traditions and customs of Australia’s indigenous peoples.

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Whilst designing their art, the students watched a Welcome to Country Traditional Dance, and also listened to some Indigenous Artists music.

Including: Thelma Plum, Emily Wurramara, Baker Boy, King Stingray, Yothu Yindi and some traditional Digeridoo music.

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Before painting directly onto their Boomerangs, the students brainstormed some ideas on paper.

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Dot painting began because, Indigenous People were worried that outsiders may be able to understand or learn the secret parts of their stories. The dots concealed this secret and sacred knowledge.

Indigenous art tells us stories and shows us history and culture. It is a vital part of Australian history.

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Students created beautiful, intricate designs, honoring the traditional art of Indigenous dot painting.

Img 3681 Img 3685 Img 3686

It was an informative, engaging and relaxing afternoon activity!


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