Byron Bay – Celebrating our amazing graduates – 17 February 2023

Today we are congratulating and celebrating 6 amazing graduates!


Celebrating Our Amazing Graduates


Riko graduates today from our Upper-Intermediate class. Riko started at Pre-Intermediate level and graduates today at Upper-Intermediate level with an ‘A’! Keep up the amazing work Riko. We will miss you and we wish you all the best for the future!


Thales And Noelia Scaled


Thales graduates today from our IELTS class. Thales has made rapid progress during his time at Lexis, starting at Elementary level and graduating at Intermediate level from our IELTS class! We will miss Thales’ happiness and willingness to help others. We wish Thales all the best with his new job in Queensland.


Noelia also graduates today from our IELTS class. Noelia has been an amazing student, keen to improve and with a lot to contribute to class. We will miss Noelia’s great sense of humour and kindness. Good luck Noelia with the rest of your travels, we wish you all the best for the future.


Laurie And Naomi


Laurie graduates today from our Pre-Intermediate class. Laurie brings a positive attitude to school and actively participates in group activities and excursions. She has worked hard to improve her English and her commitment to learning shows in her excellent test results. She also completed our English and Surfing program! We hope Laurie continues to have an amazing time living in Australia and we wish her all the best for the future.


Naomi also graduates today from our Pre-Intermediate class. Naomi has demonstrated very good knowledge of the course grammar and vocabulary. We will miss her positive attitude and great questions in class. We wish Naomi all the best for the future.


Mike graduates today from our Intermediate class. Mike has been a lovely addition to the school, always interested in what his classmates have to say and participating a lot in discussions. He made the most of his time in Byron Bay by attending many of our afternoon and weekend trips to explore the stunning local and surrounding hotspots. We wish Mike a great time on his trip around Australia and New Zealand and all the best for the future.




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