Sunshine Coast – Slacklining in the park – 12 April

Today the students enjoyed slacklining in the park!

Slacklining is a sport and art that can be balance training, recreation, and a moving meditation. It is similar, at first glance to tightrope walking, and is accomplished by stretching and tensioning a 1”– 2” wide length of nylon/polyester webbing between two anchor points, most often trees. Its origin has most commonly been attributed to the rock climbing community in Yosemite National Park as a way of passing time while maintaining concentration, fitness, core strength and balance skills.

You will mostly see slacklines in local parks, where slackliners will practice their skills & train new techniques such as sit mounts (where you mount the line sitting down, and then stand up), turning around, walking backwards & even some yoga poses. But first, we need to learn the basics. This includes, mounting the line & taking a few steps on your own.

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Sunshine Coast – Welcoming 13 New Students! – 11 April

Today at Lexis Sunshine Coast, we are saying g’day to 13 new students!

It was a big morning here at Lexis Sunshine Coast as we welcomed 13 new students to our campus! This morning we met Lucas from Brazil, Cheyenne from Switzerland, Sai, Yume, Ayaka, Auck, Yuto, Miki, Akifumi, Honoka & Ayaka from Japan, Gia Huy from Thialand, and Gleyce from Brazil, 

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Sunshine Coast – Graduating Students- 6 April

Today we are saying goodbye to 15 students who are graduating here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!

Maitane, Thiago, Jennifer and Laura are graduating from the IELTS class.
Maitane has been with us since September, and she is going to sit the IELTS exam next week! We wish her all the best! Thiago is going to TAFE to study Fitness, we will miss him! Laura has already taken her IELTS exam, and she will be around the coast for a bit! Jennifer started with us 6 months ago she has made amazing progress! We’ll miss them!
Aline has been with us for 6 months, her English has improved so much and her teacher Lize is very proud of her! We wish Aline the best of luck and we hope to see her again!
Aiko is one of our TAP students, she has been here for 2 weeks, and her sense of humour and her nice vibe make us all feel very happy to have her around!

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Sunshine Coast – Basketball – 5 April

Today the students took to Cotton Tree for a friendly game of basketball!

We had a massive turn out today for basketball, with many of our morning students turning up to Cotton Tree park for a game of B-Ball on the courts! We took turns playing in small teams of 4 – 5 players, and showed everyone our skills. 

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Sunshine Coast – Welcoming our new students – 3 April

Today we welcome 8 new students to our Sunshine Coast campus!

With Monday being orientation day at Lexis, today we welcome 8 new students! Say hello to Mateo, Roney, Andres Felipe, Enes, Mai, Peerapa, Adriano & Kasidech! These students have travelled from Colombia, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand & Japan! 

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Sunshine Coast – Graduating students – 31 March

Today was a big day here at Lexis, with 22 students graduating! 

Friday is graduation day, and today we are saying goodbye to 22 students! Today we said goodbye to Breno, Karen, Gabrielle, Najla, Fernando, Elton & Nataniel from Brazil, Hana, Akari, Kaisei, Kou, Kanna, Himeko, Jo, Suzuna, Aiko, Marika, Sumiho, Kai & Rion from Japan, and Rinrada & Phanitphicha from Thailand. 

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Sunshine Coast – Graduating Students – 24 March

Friday is graduation day at Lexis, this week we’re sad to say goodbye to 12 students.

Today we said goobye to Marcielly, Bianca & Joao from Brazil, Atsushi & Rina from Japan, Enny from Honduras, Jose & Daniel from Colombia, Roger from El Salvador, and Niwat & Nantiya from Thailand! 

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Sunshine Coast – Student Interview – 1 March

Ainara is one of our students from Advanced class in Lexis Sunshine Coast. She is from Spain and today we interviewed her to find out more about her and her plans in Australia.
This is Ainara’s experience at Lexis Sunshine Coast in her own words.

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Sunshine Coast – New Starters – 27 February

Welcoming our 6 new students! 

This morning we welcomed 6 new students! Every Monday, we are excited to meet & welcome our new students, today we met Beatriz, Maria & Laura from Colombia, Long from Vietnam, Eduard from Germany and Tomomi from Japan

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