Beach Safety with our Local Lifesaver, Bryce

Many people visit Australia for its beautiful beaches and summertime fun.  Although these beaches can be helpful when we need to relax and cool down, they can also be very dangerous.  Today students at GV Noosa enjoyed the company of one of Noosa’s local lifesaver’s, Bryce, who reminded them of the importance on beach safety.

Didgebeach Safety 074

Apparently swimming at the beach used to be illegal because of the dangers associated with swimming.  In 1907 beach local’s put together a beach safety patrol foundation so people would be allowed to swim.  This is how Surf Lifesaving began in Australia.

Noosa’s life guard Bryce, played an informative DVD describing the dangers associated with swimming at the beach and informed the students of the steps to take if they ever found themselves in danger.  Some of the dangers included: rips, blue-bottle stings, shark attacks, body surfing and big waves.

The students learnt to always swim between the flags, read the beach signs, put up their hand when they are having difficulty in the water and swim with a friend to prevent any serious injuries from occurring when swimming at the beach.

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