Anna Lee Overcomes The Language Barrier

Anna Lee started at GV Noosa speaking minimal English. She tells her story of how she found the determination to learn English and overcome the language barrier to achieve her goals.


I was a Radiographer in my country of Korea. When I came here at about 2 months ago I did not speak English well but was wanting to try to contact an x-ray practice for work experience. I asked the GV Noosa staff for advice and they said not to be scared and encourage me to go and ask the x-ray practice next to the college for experience. It was very difficult for me because my English was not so good. I was worried about that however I tried and they said yes and I could work as a volunteer there! I work there once a week for 3 hours. It is not many hours but I am very satisfied and the time spent is very valuable to me. When I go there I am still a little bit nervous but it is very useful to me and a great experience.

You can do it everyone. Don’t be scared!

Good Luck

Anna Lee

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