A World of Creativity: Our DIY Shrinky Dink Keychains Activity – 19th June 2024

At Lexis, we believe in providing our students with opportunities to engage in activities that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. So, last week, we offered an activity that brought a lot of joy and creativity to our students: Shrinky Dink Keychains. 1 4

For those new to the concept, Shrinky Dinks are a fantastic craft material that starts as thin sheets of plastic. Students draw and color their designs on these sheets, then cut them out and place them in the oven. The magic happens as the plastic shrinks and thickens, transforming flat drawings into sturdy, miniature keychains. It’s a captivating process that turns imagination into tangible keepsakes!

The excitement was palpable as everyone gathered in the art room. The tables were set with colorful markers, templates, and Shrinky Dink sheets, ready for a burst of creativity. The diversity of designs was incredible to see, with some students chose to represent their favorite hobbies and interests.

Once the designs were completed, it was time to bake the Shrinky Dinks. The students gathered around the oven, eyes wide with anticipation. As the plastic sheets curled and shrank, they watched with excitement, cheering as their creations transformed.

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The finished keychains were a sight to behold, each one a miniature masterpiece reflecting the unique backgrounds and personalities of their creators. But the joy didn’t end there. Many students decided to trade keychains with their new friends, a heartwarming exchange that celebrated their diverse heritages and newfound friendships. Others carefully wrapped their creations, eager to share a piece of their international adventure with family back home.

Beyond the fun and creativity, this activity held deeper significance. After a week of English lessons and academic challenges, the DIY Shrinky Dink Keychains activity provided a much-needed break. It allowed students to relax, unwind, and express themselves in a new and exciting way. Moreover, such extracurricular activities play a crucial role in language acquisition and cultural exchange. As students worked on their keychains, they communicated in English, practicing their language skills in a real-world context. They shared stories and laughter, learning about each other’s cultures and forging connections that transcended language barriers.

As the afternoon drew to a close, it was clear that the DIY Shrinky Dink Keychains activity was a resounding success. Students left with not only their beautiful keychains but also a sense of accomplishment, joy, and camaraderie. These small tokens of creativity became symbols of a shared experience that celebrated diversity and unity.

We look forward to more such enriching activities that blend fun, learning, and cultural exchange, continuing to make our school a place where international students feel at home and inspired.

Until next time, happy crafting!

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