A Family Studying Together

Marie and Gilles Bourgin say that studying as a family has been a wonderful experience.


Marie and Gilles Bourgin arrived in early April to study in our general English course. Their beautiful children, Felix and Faustine joined them in June and the family have been studying together, each  in a different class. It has been wonderful to see the family enjoying school life together and we will all miss them when they leave at the end of next week.

What has been special about studying as a family?

It is the first time that our childeren have asked to stay longer at school. At first we were afraid about studying English but the teachers made it fun and easy and make us feel relaxed.

What is your favourite memory of Noosa?

For the children it is  Mainbeach and surfing. For us it was having coffee together each morning at ‘Grub and Co’ and also watching the sunsets at the river mouth. We loved to sit and watch the fisherman, people relaxing and drinking wine and even  weddings.

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